Just the Facts Software Plus, Inc.

Software Platform

  • Based on the Microsoft SQL Server
  • Handhelds can be Pocket PC or Windows CE
  • Provides easy access to data for additional reporting capacity

Software Application

  • Item descriptions can be up to 1,000 characters in length
  • Handheld Component:
    • Handhelds can hold up to 200,000 items
    • Competitor private labels can be scanned as easily as your own private labels
    • Users can be trained in four hours or less
  • Desktop Component:
    • Allows for access to 50 plus reports
    • Handheld Analysis allows the retailer to monitor the status of the handhelds
    • Retailers are alerted if problems arise that must be addressed
  • Allows for quick training and implementation

Imports and Exports

  • Can be automated
  • Can accept and generate multiple file tyeps such as Excel and basic text files


  • Synchronization can occur via wireless, modem, LAN or direct connect
  • Multipe handhelds can synchronize data at the same time


  • Guarantees the retailer almost instantaneous access to the data collected thus reducing the time it takes to react to competitor prices changes in the market
  • Data is uploaded from the handhelds to the corporate pricing system or the PMEE desktop component via wireless connection


  • PMEE guarantees that the data the retailer collects will be protected
  • User passwords can be set to expire
  • Handheld data resides on storage cards and will not be lost if battery dies


  • Out of Bounds feature checks for mistyped prices that can skew data and prevents this data from automatically leaving PMEE and being fed into a higher level pricing system
  • Price Check Analysis feature shows which checkers dialed in and how many records they collected by store, by day and by hour
  • Analysis reports comparing multiple competitors complete with indexing against zone data are available


  • Can be used in any number of retail environments
  • Can be used for "Full Book," "Top 100," "Special" and "Category" list checks
  • Can be used for Price Scan Verification and Retail Compliance

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