Frequently Asked Questions Software Plus, Inc.

  1. Can PMEE collect price data on produce?
    Yes. The price collector can enter the SKU number into the handheld and the item will be shown so that they can input the price information. The handheld can be set up to determine whether the price is per pound or each.

  2. How does PMEE handle private label price collection?
    Because competitor private label codes are stored in the handheld a checker can go in competitor stores and scan their private label products as easily as their own.

  3. Can PMEE be used as an upper level pricing system?
    For customers that have not previously invested in an upper level pricing system, PMEE provides a wealth of reporting capabilities. Collected competitor price data can be summarized by store, analyst category, or line item and indexed using your own zone pricing. With ease of export to Microsoft Excel, PMEE can meet virtually any price analysis needs of the small to mid-size retailer.

  4. What other applications can PMEE do in addition to collection of price data?
    PMEE can be used to verify shelf tag labels in your own stores. It is also frequently used for “variety checking” in competitors’ stores.

  5. How does PMEE interface to my other internal systems?
    PMEE has import and export formats that are used to easily interface with your existing data systems.

  6. Are there any benchmarks for the expected number of prices a collector can collect in a day with PMEE?
    Though we have no published benchmark, many PMEE customers have reported that well trained checkers often collect up to 5,000 prices per day.

  7. How flexible is PMEE in collecting special list data?
    Any item can be placed on a "Special List" such as a "Top 100," "Kosher," or "Christmas Baking" list. The "Special List" will prompt the user to enter prices for items on the list.

  8. Does PMEE time stamp price data as collected?
    Yes. Time stamping is critical for companies who use "Compare To" signage. In addition to confirming prices on "Compare To" signage, many customers use the date and time stamp as a tool to monitor collector productivity.

  9. Can PMEE collect price data on all item categories?
    Yes. The handheld can hold up to 200,000 items. You select the categories that you want to import into the PMEE desktop system and create assignments for each handheld.

  10. Can PMEE pick up information other than regular prices?
    Yes. PMEE allows you to collect whatever information you want to collect at a store, including end caps, loyalty card prices and advertised sale price and end date.

  11. What is a typical startup for implementing PMEE?
    Pre-installation planning is one day. In most cases, the PMEE implementation process consists of five days of on site installation, training and startup.

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