Increase Your Competitive Advantage Software Plus, Inc.

Cost Effective
With PMEE retailers can continuously monitor competitor prices for as little as 1 to 2 cents per item collected. Because PMEE allows the retailer to collect only those prices it wants and needs, the cost of useless prices provided in a market basket purchased from a service is eliminated.

Information-centric organizations use data to make smart and timely business decisions. Retailers using PMEE are able to turn collected competitor price data into actionable information within 24 hours. With PMEE you will view competitor-pricing information as an asset rather than a cost.

Automated, Accurate and Easy to Use
PMEE uses state-of-the-art handheld technology that automates much of the collection process and drives checker efficiency. Data accuracy is achieved by minimizing the number of decisions a checker has to make and by clearly guiding the checker through the collection process. By design, PMEE is easy to use, which makes the retailer’s competitor price checking process more effective.

PMEE works the way retailers work. For retailers needing a competitor pricing system, PMEE provides the data collection, data storage, and data analysis and reporting functions necessary for an effective solution. For the retailer that has a pricing system in place, PMEE is a natural enhancement, giving the retailer control over the competitor price collection process.

PMEE provides a full suite of management reports. The audit trail, error logs, security lists and performance statistics help the retailer manage the key performance measures necessary for an effective competitor price collection process.

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